Trophy Results

The results of the 2016/2017 Trophy Competitions are detailed below.
JESSOPS TROPHY (a panel of five images)
1st Jet ski's - Stuart Chapman, Mike Bond, Nick Webb, Alex Hamer
2nd Damsels and Dragons - Steve Carne and Willie Wilson
3rd Bristol Balloon Show - Stuart Chapman and Alex Hamer
H/C Stars at Night - Stuart Chapman and Alex Hamer
H/C Blooming Marvellous - Ross Elliott and Ruth Elliott


1. Faceless People in the crowd - Clive Figes
2. Don't Leave Mummy- Clive Figes
3. Mother & Daughter - Carla Bryan
4. Geometric Beauty- Mike Hales
5. Tea Break Time - C.J.Ware
6. Father & Son - Rob Gray

PUNT CUP (Triptych)

1st Cool Seas - Alex Hamer
2nd Boris & Fudge -Clive Figes
3rd Three of a Kind - Rob Gray
4th TS Royalist - Bob Williams
5th Stripes and check - Ruth Elliot
6th Smoke Trails - John Jeffrey
H/Com Freestyle Frenzy - Alex Hamer
Com Rocks at Torcross - Keith Griffin

SLEEP TROPHY (DPI's: 3 different categories
The categories for this season are : Animal, mineral & vegetable

1st Julie McGowan A= Puffin with Sandeels, V= Kiwi, M= Assault on the Salt
2nd Julia Rich, A= Whisper, V= String of Pearls, M= Copper Feathers
3rd Alex Hamer, A= Moorland Walker, V= Moorland Tree, M= Moorland Cairn
4th Brian McLean, A=Spider, V= Fungi, M= Pebbles
5th Clive Figes, A=Moshie the Owl, V= Potato, the stripper, M= Crystal
6th Nick Webb, A= Juke, V= Broccoli, M= Superamans Kryptonite
HC Doreen McLean, A= Firts Outing, V=Honey Fungus, M= By the Seashore
HC Julia Rich, A= Cassowary, V= Beech in Spring, M= Steel Sculpture

POULSON CUP (Print of the Year)
1stMe and My CameraJane Booth
2ndFlatland Nick Webb
3rdSnaefellsnessRussell McGowan
HCseed head and lamp Jane Booth

DYMENT TROPHY (DPI of the year)
Dyment Trophy
1st20 Fenchurch St Peter Clarke
2ndThe Look Clive Figes
3rdThree men at work Peter Rodd
HCRippon Tor Alex Hamer
HCTeignmouth Dawn Alex Hamer
HCLongaford Tor Julia Rich