Sections Results

The results for the 2017/2018 Season Sections Competitions are below.
Section 1 "Open" competition
1st BorisClive Figes
2nd ThundercatsStuart Chapman
3rd Lost in ThoughtRoss Elliot
4th Lebelida DepressaSteve Carne
5th The Girl in Stripped TrousersClive Figes
6th The Walk to Hay TorBob Williams
1st The Power behind VeniceSharron Godfrey
2nd Christopher in a Red HatWillie Wilson
3rd Balcombe ViaductJohn Jeffries
4th Guggenheim MuseumPeter Clarke
5th Burmese LadiesAngie Cottis
6th DragonflyMike Hale
1st Marmalade FlyTony Mathews
2nd PrioritiesCarla Bryan
3rd Steam ValvesRob Gray
4th Redtailed WaspDorothy Mathews
5th Steadfast at the HelmRob Gray
6th JetskiAlex Hamer

Section 2 Print competition 'Glass '
Group A1
1st Julia Rich 'Sinuosity'
2nd Bob Williams 'Triple tipple'
3rd Steve Carne 'A shot glass'
4th Julie McGowan 'Through the glass'
5th Russell McGowan 'View from Mt.Stuart'
6th Bob Williams 'Three did accidentally fall'
Group A
1st Peter Clarke 'Glass Spire'
2nd Sharron Godfrey 'Cocktail hour'
3rd Angie Cottis 'Glass buildings'
4th Mary Caffrey 'Paperweight'
5th Peter Carke 'Broken Glass'
6th Angie Cottis 'Glass steps and reflections'
Group B
1st Alex Hamer 'Lemon Splash'
2nd C J Ware 'Window of Life'
3rd C J Ware 'Through blue tinted glasses'
Section 3 Print competition, Open theme
Group A1
1st One man and his dog Molly Clayton
2nd Puffin with sand eels Julie McGowan
3rd Pertinax Ross Elliott
4th Dusk at St Michael's Mount Russell McGowan
5th Rays over Loch Tulla Julie McGowan
6th Vintage fashion with Lianne Clive Figes
Group A
1st Seedhead and lamp Jane Booth
2nd Desiccated tree Stuart Chapman
3rd The City, London Peter Clarke
4th Tread Carefully Peter Clarke
5th Community (Dave's big kind soul) Nick Webb
6th Engulfed by the wave Stuart Chapman
Group B
1st Falling out of line Dave Smithson
2nd Exploding waves Alex Hamer
3rd A walk in the woods Dave Smithson
4th Call box Ruth Elliott
5th Balloon Ruth Elliott
6th N/A

Section 4 DPI competition
Section A1
1.Brian McLean - Woodland Mist
2.Julie McGowan - Puffin Coming into Land
3.Bob Williams - The Boundary
4.Margaret Ewer - Wood Technology
5.Brian McLean - Master Finn Having a Stop
6.Ross Elliott - Mixed Cultures
HCRoss Elliott - Avon Dam
HCClive Figes - Inquisitive
Section A
1.Chris Champ - Coral Grouper
2.Angie Cottis - Pirate
3.Lorry Parton - Hanging Around
4.Lorry Parton - Sheltering the Storms
5.Sharron Godfrey - Contrasting Styles
6.Nick Webb - Get in the Ring
HCSue Eames - 19th Hole
Section B
1.Ruth Elliott - Pink Rose
2.Mike Hales - Shining a light in a dark place
3.Dave Smithson - Early Morning Row
4.Alex Hamer - The Chapel
5.Ruth Elliott - Garden Gate