Preparing Images

[/b]Please ensure that entries are handed in on time, the relevant entry form has been completed, and the titles agree with those on the print or projected image.
Preparing DPI's
  • Images can be submitted via email, on a CD or USB stick which should be clearly marked with the membership number and name.
  • A competition entry form must be completed and submitted with the images for each competition.
  • Images must be resized according to current specifications (this is dependent on the resolution of the club projector). The size required is a maximum of 1400pixels wide and maximum of 1050 pixels high.
  • Images must be in JPG format and colour space set as sRGB.
  • Smaller images are acceptable but will be projected smaller on the screen. Images that are too large will be automatically reduced in size which may compromise image quality.
  • Images must be numbered in sequence with a two digit number and a short title e.g.: 01 My first image , 02 My second image. The title you give your image is what will appear on the screen, and should match that on the entry form.
  • Please use only keyboard characters 1-9, A-Z

Preparing Prints
  • All prints for competitions or exhibitions must be mounted on card of your choice. The MAXIMUM mount size for prints is 50cm X 40cm. This is the only mount size allowed for external competitions and exhibitions. A backing board large enough to cover its area should protect the print if using a windowed mount.
  • Write your membership number, print number and title (as filled in on the entry form), on the back of the print in the correct orientation for the image. This is important where the displaying of the work is open to interpretation.
  • In addition to the print, a digital version is requested for use in external competitions or the website.